You Must Choose The Right Prescription Glasse Or May Cause Vision Loss And Vision Fatigue!!!

  • Bad Experience

  I would like to tell you from my own personal experience that it is really important to choose the right pair of glasses. I have only worn these old glasses for more than half a year. When I was trying on the new glasses, I told the optometrist that I felt they were not suitable for me and that I felt dizzy as soon as I put them on. But he said that it was just because of the increased power and I needed time to adapt it. Half a year later, my eyes often shed tears unconsciously, and redness like the one in the picture is also a common phenomenon. Headaches have always been with me. As long as I wear glasses for more than three hours, my head will suffer severe pain, which seriously affects my work and I have to come back for re-optometric examination.



  • My Eyes Newborn Now

  The optometrist in this store is very responsible. He carefully inquired about various details and helped me measure the most accurate datas such as interpupillary distance and eye width. The key is that after putting on these new glasses, I will never tear without control again. I shed tears under control, and my eyes don’t get tired at all even if I work for many hours. My red bloodshot symptoms have completely disappeared. Based on my own experience, I recommend everyone to visit this optical shop.